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Travco Rallies

We attended several Travco rallies over the years.

Tony Peregoy was the organizer of the Travstock rallies.

The first one was at Basswood RV Park in Kansas City, Kansas.  Thirteen coaches were in attendance.

I was a little leery, at first, about traveling in the hot summer all day long to meet up with a bunch of folks that I had never laid eyes on before, but my reservations were immediately quashed.   We all had at least one thing in common.  Dodge/Travco motorhomes.  It turned out that we had much more in common.  Music was one thread that ran through much of the group.

The second Travstock was at Prizer Point, at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky.

The third Travstock was at Christmas Tree, Indiana, in association with a large water park.

The next year, with no Travstock planned, some of the original group formed another rally, perhaps a little more “adult” oriented, but children were certainly welcome and many were in attendance.  This was the “Rebel Rouser Rally”  once again back at Prizer Point, Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky.  At this rally, we were able to all be in the same area of the campground, which made for a better rally, not being so spread out.

Thanks to Steve & Lisa, Elmer & Diane, and I am sure many others, this was a great rally.

7 Responses to Travco Rallies

  1. Lisa Lindell

    Oh the memories. You are correct about the music being the underlying theme. Little did we know when we pulled into Basswood RV Park that we would make life-long friends.

  2. Elmer Adkins

    It is good to see that you have your Travco with you in Mexico. I’m sure you will have many great times traveling there. I really enjoyed the rally pictures. Great memories with good friends.

  3. George

    Some of the photos from the rally were yours.
    I hope that you do not mind me using them.

    • Elmer & Diane


      No problem using whatever photos you want. I don’t remember anything incriminating unless it was our karoke performances but you would have to post video with sound.

      We have kept up with you and Steve via the travel blog but haven’t taken time to comment. We are glad you are having such a good time in your new home. It seems like an exciting and colorful place to live. If your travels ever bring you near Kentucky, be sure to let us know. We would love to see you again.


  4. virginia vinzant

    Where is the next travcstock I wish to take my 68 Travco

  5. paul tessier

    Im going to purchase a 1975 Traveco. Its from within the family. There’s an issue with brakes and wondering if anyone can direct me to a knowledgeable resource.
    New brakes, discs, rotors ect from one year ago. When you begin to drive the brakes grab. Put into neutral and they release. My uncle still has the unit and asked for my help.
    No leaks.
    Suspect a vacuum pump.

    Looking for help. Thanks

  6. virginia vinzant

    Capitale clutch and breake rebuilt my break booster

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