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Return to La Pesca

Because of not turning in our temporary importation permit at the border on our last trip, we had to return before the six month expiration date, so we could leave Mexico, and turn them back in at the border.

Of course, less than six months later was in the heat of the summer, driving from Arkansas through Texas, down to Mexico.  And it was hot!  We did not make it three hours into the trip, on a Saturday, when the “in flight” repair of the radiator on the last trip, gave up the ghost.  But we had to press on. We could not turn back.  Not if we were going to be able to turn the permits back in before they expired.  Luckily it happened within one mile of a campground.  I went to a parts store looking for a patch, and another customer overheard my conversation and said that she knew someone who would come out to the campground on Saturday afternoon, and make the repair.  She made the phone call right then and there, while standing in line.  What kind of luck is that?  What is that line from Streetcar Named Desire?   “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

So on toward Mexico.  The next day southwest of Houston in Victoria, Texas, it was an air conditioning hose that blew.  We camped overnight until Monday morning.  Another delay.  Thankfully we have the Suzuki along to run for parts.  Another hot day, another mechanic to our rescue, who worked us into his shop on short notice.

Then on to Mexico, without further problems. Shortly after making the turn off onto the narrow winding road to the coast and La Pesca, we ran into major construction.  The narrow road was being widened to four lanes!  A four lane highway leading to our little sleepy sports fishing village.  La Pesca, with one Pemex gas station, which was often closed because they had run out of gas?

Well, when we got into town, we heard that La Pesca was slated to become the beachfront playground for Monterrey, Mexico’s third largest city.  There were concrete fence posts in the beach between where we had camped, and the gulf.  A resort hotel was supposed to be going in that location. There were canals being dug through sub-divisions to be.

Well, we were only here long enough to spend a little time, and return north, and make sure we turned in our vehicle permits.  This we did accomplish.

Perhaps we will need to look elsewhere for a Mexican destination?  And as you should already know, we found it in Ajijic.