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La Pesca

We decided to return to La Pesca the following year, 2008.  We had just gotten a glimpse of the place last year, and decided that it was much closer to home, and since we always were on a tight schedule we thought it might just be the perfect Mexican “get away” for the next few years.  We stayed a while at La Gaviota, and then spent some time on the beach.  The weather was again not the best.  High winds some days.  The salt air must have caused a little corrosion on that “impossible to find” slow leak in the radiator, because when we were leaving it made its exact location known to us.

Then upon heading back to the states, we were running a little late, and got into Matamoros right at dusk.  A known problem border town, after dark. The GPS was absolutely worthless, as it usually is.  We finally found a line of vehicles, and got in line, hoping that it was crossing the International Bridge.  As it turned out that long line was indeed crossing the bridge, but there was no customs building along this way to stop and turn in your vehicle importation permits.  We had no choice but to cross the bridge and go through US customs.  They told us that if we wanted, we could find another bridge to return into Mexico.  It was dark, dangerous, and I was very tired.  I that particular point in time, I did not care if I ever went back to Mexico.

Of course, that feeling was very short lived, and we shortly began trying to figure out what to do.  Seems the only option was to return to Mexico sometime before the permits expired.  So our next trip to Mexico was already planned for us.