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Costa Esmeralda

Our first motorhome trip to Mexico, was in March 2007.  We went as far down the Mexican Gulf Coast as Veracruz.  After crossing the border, we spent the first night in La Pesca, the second night in Tuxpan.  We camped right on the side of the main street along the river in Tuxpan.  They were building off shore drilling platforms just across the river.  All night long you could see the light from the welding torches.  When finished they would float the platform out to sea. The third day we made it to Costa Esmeralda, which was our main goal, with a side trip to Veracruz.  Unfortunately, we had never heard of “El Norte” which is a cold weather storm system which blows down from the north in the March timeframe.  It rained with cold wind for several days while we were there.  We went on down south to Veracruz for one day. Then returned to Costa Esmeralda and spent one night at Torre Molino resort. The sun did come out for our last day, so we got to see a little of the nice weather.  When we stopped to realize how far we were from home, we headed back north, and made it as far as Tampico, but it was dark, and we got lost.  We finally found a place to park in downtown Tampico, and I hailed a cab, and asked him to lead us to a place to camp by the beach.  He took us to Playa Miramar, which is in the neighboring town of Madera, but which is the “beach town” for Tampico.  He was very friendly, and after we got to our destination he stayed for a while to visit with us, he was wanting to practice his English, and we were trying to practice our Spanish. We would have never been able to find such a nice place to spend the night without his help.  Remember, when traveling, and when in doubt, call a cab.


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