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Author Archives: George

Hurricane Patricia, A Near Miss at Coconutz

Hurricane Patricia came close by Coconutz, and many beachfront restaurants were destroyed, sadly. Since we had to build up the RV Park a few feet for the sewer lines to drain properly, we came out without much damage.  There was much beach erosion, and trash blown ashore.  Lots of plastic! All of our palm trees … Continue reading »

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New Coconutz RV Park Managers

We have new managers at Coconutz RV Park.  Charly (Carlos) and Myriam. Between them they speak Spanish, French & English.  English being a second language for both of them. They really went to work getting the park grounds in tip top shape this past week.  The coconut palms really needed a good cleaning up, the … Continue reading »

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Travco Mini Rally

The folks from Bumfuzzle fame are traveling around Mexico in their 1966 Dodge/Travco Motorhome. They stopped by Coconutz RV Park for a few days, and we had a Travco Mini Rally.  We all toured both coaches, compared some notes about Travcos and travel in Mexico. We had a good time meeting them and their children. … Continue reading »

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Semana Santa 2015 Picture post

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is the week before and the week after Easter Sunday.  School is out and many Mexicans have a family tradition of heading to the beach for the week. And head to the beach they did.  They came by bus, car, commercial truck, back packing, just any way that they could … Continue reading »

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More Progress at Coconutz RV Park.

I just wanted to get out a new update on recent progress at Coconutz RV Park. We have brought in some fine gravel to help solidify the sandy areas where vehicle travel was a little on the “iffy” side.  This is a product that packs down well, and should help eliminate any problems driving into … Continue reading »

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Christmas at Coconutz

I have heard since we came to Mexico, that the Mexicans flock to the beaches for Christmas and Easter Holidays.  But this was the first time that I witnessed it first hand.  I have also heard to avoid these holidays for your beach visits. I guess that would depend on the individual.  It is not … Continue reading »

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Coconutz RV Park Open

Well after a two week stay at the beach, we are ready to declare that we are open for business. There is much left to do as far as some of the details.  The landscaping is just barely started, things need to grow some more.  The bathrooms are fully functional, however they are missing some … Continue reading »

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Coconutz RV Park More Pics

There is not much content here. We have not been able to get back down to Cuyutlán the past little bit, but friends have sent us a few photos.  I thought that I would share them, just to show that progress is still being made.  We continue to hope for a late November opening.  Perhaps … Continue reading »

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Coconutz RV Park Progress

Well, things are progressing nicely at Coconutz RV Park, in Cuyutlán, Colima, Mexico. The four beach front parking pads are in.  The hook-ups are installed.  The only catch, is that for the time being, we only have city water.  The city water does not necessarily run all day long, every day.  We will have a … Continue reading »

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Palms to Coconutz

We knew from the outset that we were going to need some shade for the RV Park.  Some spots will have a little more sun for the Solar Panel crowd, but the four original sites will be as shaded as possible. By checking with various nurseries in the area, we learned that the Coconut Palm … Continue reading »

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