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Author Archives: George

Closing Down the Site

I am going to let the Travco Travels site expire at the end of the current paid for period.  That will be September 2nd 2017. We still have our Travco, and still plan some more trips and adventures, but they seem to be happening less often these days.  I will continue to monitor the Dodge … Continue reading »

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The Long, Last Chapter of the Big Adventure

We met with the importer on Monday morning, June the 6th.  The first step of the process was to drive the motorhome to U.S. Customs to have the vehicle “exported” from the USA.  That was quick and easy.  So now we had a motorhome with no country.  We went back and unloaded all of our … Continue reading »

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Tulsa to Laredo

We left Tulsa Friday morning after a three day stay at the radiator shop.  Seems longer than that.  We needed to be in Laredo, TX on Monday morning to meet with the import broker to finalize the importation process into Mexico. That meant that we had a slow easy trip down to the border.  We … Continue reading »

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Radiator Leak

Well, the small radiator leak, which required us to add a couple of quarts of water every morning before we pulled out decided to raise its ugly head on the way from Branson, MO to Tulsa, OK.  The four hour trip took about nine hours, as we kept having to stop and cool down, add … Continue reading »

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2016 Travco Big Adventure

I had planned to send updates along the way, but the combination of too much fun with friends and family along with spotty or non-existent Wi-Fi connections, I just never seemed to get around to it. Basically we traveled across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, back to northeast Mississippi, Little Rock, Arkansas, Branson, MO … Continue reading »

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Day Two

We left Matehuala around 8 in the morning.  We traveled across some of the worst, and some of the best roads in Mexico.  At least three Military Check Points, but we were waved through them without any inspections.  We kept smelling some strange smell.  It turned out to be sulphur gas coming from our batteries. … Continue reading »

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Day One

The first day of the trip, estimated by Google to be 4 hours and 20 minutes turned out to be more like 10 and a half hours. We knew it would be longer than the estimate, but did not think that it would be that much longer! We spent the first night in Matehuala, in … Continue reading »

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Friends and Family Tour 2016

We are off on an epic adventure in our 41 year motorhome to visit friends and family in the USA. The motorhome has been painted, and the mechanic (Filipe Morales) has gone over it with a fine tooth comb, and we hope that all is well.  More posts will follow as we make or break … Continue reading »

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Travco Repaint

After 41 years, and especially after much time on the Pacific Coast in the Heat, Salt Air, and Ocean Spray, the Travco was starting to lose some of its luster. We decided to repaint and re-chrome to bring it back to almost new appearance.  Here are some photos of the process and the finished product. … Continue reading »

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Travco Thanksgiving on the Coast

We headed for the Pacific Coast for one of our traditional Travco Thanksgivings, passing the Colima Volcano along the way.  In the past, we have had these Travco Thanksgivings at Petit Jean State Park, Mount Magazine State Park, and Lake Chicot State Park, all in Arkansas. Those have always been nice and cool  Thanksgiving weather. … Continue reading »

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