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Tulsa to Laredo

Posted by on June 28, 2016

We left Tulsa Friday morning after a three day stay at the radiator shop.  Seems longer than that.  We needed to be in Laredo, TX on Monday morning to meet with the import broker to finalize the importation process into Mexico.

That meant that we had a slow easy trip down to the border.  We spent the first night in Waco, just a few short miles off Interstate 35, at a very comfortable RV Park, not far from Baylor University.  Since it was Friday night, there were a few college parties going on, but it did not keep me awake.  I could see the tell tale signs the next morning.  They must have left during the night, or very early the next morning.  The park owners were a little disappointed with the mess they left.

Saturday we ambled down to San Antonio, and stayed at a nice RV Resort, “Traveler’s World”.  It had obviously been there for many years, and was beautifully maintained, and appointed.  Many permanent residents, some small houses, and some mobile homes, interspersed with the RV’s.  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, even though we were only staying one night.

Sunday we had another easy drive to Casa Blanca State Park, near the airport in Laredo.    We were obviously in the desert now.  Luckily it was not too hot, and we had all hook-ups so we stayed nice and comfortable.  It was a short easy drive into town for shopping, and to meet with the Import Broker the next morning.

One of the requirements for importation of a vehicle, is that it has to be completely empty of any personal belongings.  For an automobile that would not be a terribly big chore, but for us we had to take everything out of the motorhome.  When we bought it the previous owners left all sorts of dishes, pots and pans, linens, etc.  It has never been empty since we bought it.  We  filled up two pallets of personal belongings to be stored in the warehouse for the two day process of importation.  All tools, spare parts, oil, fluids, jack, flares, everything.

Since the motorhome was now completely empty, and we could not stay in it very easily, we moved into a nearby La Quinta for the night.

One Response to Tulsa to Laredo

  1. Jody

    I love your blogs. Love the photos. Can’t wait till you get the Travco home! Glad YOU made it home!

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