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2016 Travco Big Adventure

Posted by on June 1, 2016

I had planned to send updates along the way, but the combination of too much fun with friends and family along with spotty or non-existent Wi-Fi connections, I just never seemed to get around to it.

Basically we traveled across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, back to northeast Mississippi, Little Rock, Arkansas, Branson, MO area, and Tulsa.  We are currently in Tulsa, getting the radiator repaired.

No major problems with the Travco, never stranded, but a few minor glitches every now and then.  It is 41 years old, and has basically run like a top.


5 Responses to 2016 Travco Big Adventure

  1. Roger Clemons

    Holy Cow you guys have covered some ground and seen a lot of people and places! I especially like seeing pictures of your family members I have heard so much about. We are heading north via Guadalajara early Sunday morning. Hope to be in Austin sometime late Monday. We will see you after we get back on the 22nd. Be safe and give Max a hug from Uncle Roger.

  2. Becky Caver Clemons

    You’ve got some great pictures of precious memories!!❤️

  3. paul

    Following closely from Minden Ontario Canada. Our 1975 is at Mopar dealer getting a tune up of sorts. new wiring, carb redone, and several other outstanding items.
    We hope to journey down many of the same roads one day. safe travels
    Paul T
    Minden Ont Canada

  4. John B. Flick

    Thank you for the show. Makes me want to get my 1979 model 320 gone over and put it on the road. Right now it is at a campground and we are enjoying it without the stress of highway driving. don’t think my shoulders would handle the lack of power steering. Will look forward to seeing the world thru your eyes.

  5. j Joyce Noriega

    Thanksguys, Sounds like you’ve covered lots of ground and seen alot of family! I’m in Brussels and enjoying all but the lousy weather. Always great to see friend Dimitri. When do you return to Ajijic?

    Hasta pronto queridos amigos,


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