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Day Two

Posted by on May 5, 2016

We left Matehuala around 8 in the morning.  We traveled across some of the worst, and some of the best roads in Mexico.  At least three Military Check Points, but we were waved through them without any inspections.  We kept smelling some strange smell.  It turned out to be sulphur gas coming from our batteries.  We checked, and they were both low on water and “cooking”.  Filled them up, and the smell went away, but in a day or two, they would not hold their charge any more…. but I am getting ahead of the story.  Also, one of the straps holding the waste water holding tank broke, and Steve had to crawl under the motorhome with a ratchet strap to hold it back up.  Of course, Mighty Max, the Wonder Dog, loved all of the extra stops, because he got to run around and smell all sorts of new territory.  We had planned to cross the border at “Colombia-Solidarity” Bridge.  We had crossed there many times before.  But we got very close, but could not find it.  The GPS could not find it either.  The Internet said that it was closed???   Doubt that.  But since we could not find it, we let GPS girl guide us back down through downtown Nuevo Laredo to another bridge, which we have often used before, but knew first hand that it would not be “motorhome friendly”.  What a nightmare.  Small compact cars would have trouble in that area.  We waited in line to turn in our “Temporary Importation Permit” for the motorhome for at least thirty minutes, the engine temperature constantly rising.  Then, we did not have a normal VIN, and that really caused lots of problems.  All is well, that ends well, but I am sure that there were many unhappy campers in the line behind us.  Then on to the bridge, where we spent about another hour, waiting in line, starting to overheat.  When we finally got to the USA Border Control Guy, he was nice and friendly, but also sort of wanted a tour of the motorhome, again angering the folks behind us, I am sure, but you got to do, what you got to do, to get through the border.

5 Responses to Day Two

  1. Vivien&Mike

    Oh, can just imagine your day…we’ve been in similar situations but not in an RV…those border places are so deadly and yours looked busy, when you finally got there! We generally crossed at Loredo Columbia Bridge. So, now you are in the US it will be plain sailing provided the RV behaves itself. Good luck in that department! Safe driving and will look forward to hearing about one of our favourite towns, Little Rock. We are at the cottage in Ontario at the moment so it’s nice to read about your adventure.

  2. Lisa & Steve

    Wow. And that was just day 2? Hopefully the good ol’USA will be easier to navigate – as long as you use an old fashioned map & not the GPS. Wish you had time to visit us.

  3. joyce Noriega

    Sounds hellish! I guess by now you are safely on your way to New Orleans or other…..Are you worried about the return or is it easier to do the reverse? Steve, we had a nice session with Fred yesterday. He’ll come again next week but after that either Margaret or I will be going somewhere. the group will be anything from a duo to a trio or quartet!

    I hope the rest of trip is effortless!

    Saludos carinosos,Joyce

  4. jaime

    This is why I FLY everywhere and would do so even if I had an auto. I have experienced delays while accompanying friends on a few trips NOB. There are always positive and negative stories amigos!

  5. Marguerite

    Hi guys. Love hearing about your trip. Are you coming thru Austin? Our phone is 512-915-2911 if you do. Have a fab trip. We’ll be back in Ajijic in July. See you then hopefully!!

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