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Hurricane Patricia, A Near Miss at Coconutz

Posted by on November 5, 2015

Hurricane Patricia came close by Coconutz, and many beachfront restaurants were destroyed, sadly.

Since we had to build up the RV Park a few feet for the sewer lines to drain properly, we came out without much damage.  There was much beach erosion, and trash blown ashore.  Lots of plastic!

All of our palm trees remained standing, we lost quite a few of the fronds to the high winds.  The perimeter fence also survived the high winds.

So Coconutz RV Park is open and ready for your visit.  There have been hundreds of volunteers cleaning up the beach.  All should be back to normal soon. Maybe even a little “New and Improved” !


5 Responses to Hurricane Patricia, A Near Miss at Coconutz

  1. jaime

    The pleasure of owning beach property 🙂

  2. stephen kohler

    George, glad you, the park and your Travco came through it it good shape.

    I hope to get down your way someday, I just recently retired, so you never know?

    Stephen Kohler.

    • George


      Thanks! The Travco does not stay down there all year. That salt air is too corrosive. The Travco stays in Ajijic, on Lake Chapala, south of Guadalajara, (but in a storage place, at least it is covered storage). Come on down, just let me know when. It is really too hot in the summer, I would say December to May is the best time to visit.

  3. Steve Yoder

    That’s really good news. We were afraid that Patricia was going to undo all your hard work. Glad to hear she didn’t.

    Steve & Lulu

    • George

      Thanks! We were also afraid it was doomed. A last minute change in the path took it a little further north. Are you guys headed our way this year?

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