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Travco Mini Rally

Posted by on April 29, 2015

The folks from Bumfuzzle fame are traveling around Mexico in their 1966 Dodge/Travco Motorhome.

They stopped by Coconutz RV Park for a few days, and we had a Travco Mini Rally.  We all toured both coaches, compared some notes about Travcos and travel in Mexico.

We had a good time meeting them and their children. When we downloaded our pictures from both of our cameras, we  discovered that the kids had a good time taking pictures of each other with our cameras while they were in our Travco.  Kids will be kids.

Cuyutlán is a pretty quiet, laid back place, especially at this time of year.  I hope that it was not just too laid back for them.  Coconutz RV Park might be just a little more adult oriented, but the kids seemed to have a good time despite the quiet atmosphere.  They especially had a good time when they met some other kids, Canadian kids, who were, with their parents, living in Cuyutlán for the winter.  That is one thing they seem to be missing on their world adventure, being able to play with other children.

Anyway, I am a little late getting this post up, so it is not really “news” to many.



3 Responses to Travco Mini Rally

  1. Lisa Lindell

    I’ve been looking for a post from them but nothing so I’m glad to see this. I’m sure the kids had fun. Wish we could be there – I’d like an adult RV park!!!

  2. joyce Noriega

    Looks like you’ve had lots of visitors lately. How nice that Beto, Eduardo and friends got to see it. They seemed
    to be really enjoying themselves. Enjoyed the video.

    Thanks for sharing. Joyce

  3. joyce Noriega

    Looks like you had lots of visitors lately. I enjoyed the video of Beto and Eduardo on the beach. The mud fight was original! Thanks for sharing, makes me want to take off and have a swim there.

    Saludos, Joyce

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