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Semana Santa 2015 Picture post

Posted by on April 13, 2015

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is the week before and the week after Easter Sunday.  School is out and many Mexicans have a family tradition of heading to the beach for the week.

And head to the beach they did.  They came by bus, car, commercial truck, back packing, just any way that they could get there.  They packed the beach so tightly with their camp sites that is was very difficult to walk through, or find the way back home.

It was quite a sight to behold.  Nothing that I would really want to do myself.  We did have much more space to move around in the campground.  We tried to limit the number of people, because we designed the park for a maximum of 8 motorhomes in the future, only five campsites at this time.

The people camping in tents were supposed to be limited to four people per tent, but they all fudged a little, or brought more family members in during the following days.  Everyone was very well mannered, even though there were often long lines for the bathroom/showers, which were not designed to handle that many campers.

They all thanked us very graciously for their stay and all say that they will be back again next year.  We may have to add a few outside showers before next year comes around.

Hopefully the pictures will tell the rest of the story.


One Response to Semana Santa 2015 Picture post

  1. jaime

    What an experience! My favorite pic was the 48 plugs! Thanks for sharing!

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