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Coconutz RV Park Open

Posted by on December 10, 2014

Well after a two week stay at the beach, we are ready to declare that we are open for business.

There is much left to do as far as some of the details.  The landscaping is just barely started, things need to grow some more.  The bathrooms are fully functional, however they are missing some details which we plan to add.  We ran short of tile, and plan to add some details and decorations, but they work, and we have hot water for the showers.

The sea breezes, the sound of the surf, and the sunrises and sunsets are all fully functional and waiting for your enjoyment.


10 Responses to Coconutz RV Park Open

  1. Roger Adell

    Mazol Tov you two- wonderful news- We will visit at some point-

  2. Renee Vinson

    Love it! It’s so beautiful!! Great Job!

  3. Marybeth

    Wow! I am so totally impressed. This must have been a labor or of love, because it certainly was LABOR! Best wishes Steve and George.

    • Lana

      So exciting. Thanks you two for keeping us updated and posting photos.
      Love and Laughter, Lana

  4. joyce Noriega

    It looks fabulous!! Makes me want to take off right away! Congratulations guys!

  5. larry pennington

    Way to go guys. Looks like you thought of everything. Looks pretty inviting considering we are going into our ugly few winter months. Good luck with things

  6. Martha

    Fantastic!! Makes me want to buy an RV and head to Mexico! Wishing you lots of fun! Think you have a winner here 🙂

  7. 'Mexico' Mike

    Great! Y’all keep up the good work, y’hear. Will be updating your part of Mexico for my roadlogs next year and will be sure to stop in. Sincerely wish you a very full and rewarding season with many great guests who will add to the general pool of Mexico fans.

  8. brydanger

    Wow! Great work guys.
    The place looks amazing!!

    We will definitely try to stop on our drive back north and will let everyone know to look you guys up!
    Hope to see you soon!!
    Bryan and Jen (and Karma)

  9. Lily Lau

    Let’s go to Mexico with or without RV! 😀

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