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Coconutz RV Park More Pics

Posted by on November 14, 2014

There is not much content here.

We have not been able to get back down to Cuyutlán the past little bit, but friends have sent us a few photos.  I thought that I would share them, just to show that progress is still being made.  We continue to hope for a late November opening.  Perhaps not all of the facilities will be finished.

Perhaps enough to be able to enjoy a short stay at the beach

We will return soon, just not sure exactly when.

We did get a little write up in a Colima Internet Newspaper:  Colima Noticias






2 Responses to Coconutz RV Park More Pics

  1. Mary Jane Webber

    Where is this??

  2. George

    South of Manzanillo on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

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