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Coconutz RV Park Progress

Posted by on October 28, 2014

Well, things are progressing nicely at Coconutz RV Park, in Cuyutlán, Colima, Mexico.

The four beach front parking pads are in.  The hook-ups are installed.  The only catch, is that for the time being, we only have city water.  The city water does not necessarily run all day long, every day.  We will have a bathroom roof mounted water tank, and a well, to insure the water supply 24/7.  What we have done for years, is that we have a 12 volt water pump, and we just buy several of the 20 liter water bottles and pump the water into the RV water storage tank, and use that water for everything, washing dishes, drinking, bathing, etc.  At 12 pesos per 20 liter bottle (a little less than one dollar per bottle) from the independent, (not name brand, like Santorini) it is not too expensive.  If we do have good city water pressure, then we can take a nice long hot shower, and then just turn the water pump back on, and flush out the lines for a minute.  It has worked well for us.

So, in the “Any Port in a Storm” vein, I guess if someone needed a place to stay in this part of Mexico, it would be better than roadside boon docking.  Or maybe not, depending on your preferences.  Our boon docking episodes were always great, until we needed to empty the holding tanks, then it was another issue entirely.  So, we are not “open” but if needed, it might be an option.   Just go to the “Coconutz RV Park Booking Page” tab at the top of the screen, and book a site, if need be.  It looks like we are still on schedule for a late November official opening.

The bathroom construction is progressing nicely.  Sometimes it is hard to tell  how fast things will come together.  The parking pads, seemed almost “instant”.  Just a few days.   The bathrooms will have a lot of concrete curing times.  They frame up the roof with wood, and then pour the roof/floor of the viewing deck on top of the wood.  Then they remove the wood.  They have poured the sloping ramp for the stairs.  I could get up that slope and take a couple of pictures of what the view will be from up there.   It will have a palapa roof one day, hopefully.  A little party room for viewing the sunsets, and enjoying the breezes.

A couple of the palms suffered some transplant shock, but they appear to be on the mend.  One blew over in a windstorm, but it has been pulled upright again.

It will probably be two or three weeks before we get back down there, hopefully for our opening.

Below are some photos, with descriptions, to hopefully continue the story a little bit.




10 Responses to Coconutz RV Park Progress

  1. Roger Adell

    Looks ideal- sure wish I had my RV down here. When your project is finished come visit.


  2. Vivien & Mike brow

    Great newsletter, such a great venture and good to hear that the palms survived, apart from a couple which needed help. Wondering if you ever get back up to Ajijic. Take care both if you, hugs, Vivien & Mike

  3. Damyn

    It’s looking great guys. I’m really looking forward to sharing a few margaritas when things are up and running.

  4. Julie juls

    So, so wonderful….We will make it, we will. Just can’t give a date. Though, I do have a plan! What kind of notice is needed to reserve a spot? Oh and deposit? Can’t wait..I really can’t! Beautiful you two and the. Beach! SEESTER and Jul’s…xoxo

    • George


      Just go to the Coconutz RV Park Booking Page at the top of the screen. Let me know it is you all, and I will approve it. You can pay later, space available, of course. We have no idea what kind of bookings we are going to have. We want to keep it open for travelers, and not have long term residents, if possible. I still need to get the “Terms & Conditions” posted. Little by little.

  5. jaime

    thanks for sharing the updates amigos! Looking good…

  6. Rick Rice

    This is coming together so beautifully! You guys certainly know how to make the most of a tropical beach environment! As a permanent resident of this village, Cuyutlán, I am truly looking forward to meeting your future guests. Great job guys!

  7. Joyce Noriega Lawrence

    You guys are becoming real building experts, maybe you already were! You don’t seem to miss any of the technicalities. I’m sure the Mexican workmen are impressed with your savvie. I wish my neighbor in E. Zapata would hire you as consultants!

    Best to you both. I look forward to seeing the real thing in 2015.


  8. paul

    Hi good to see u guys have the same thoughts for bringing camping to mexico on the west side & we are opening camping here on the eastside of mexico just 20 mins from beautiful cancun beaches 2015 we have 8 full hooks & one over flow up for rv tenting 7meter round bathroom with 4 showers & change area for pool palapa cafe with food for thought 5 cabins coming to the new camping grounds too late 2015 happy holidays from

  9. George

    Sounds great! Keep us informed on your progress!


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