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Palms to Coconutz

Posted by on October 10, 2014

We knew from the outset that we were going to need some shade for the RV Park.  Some spots will have a little more sun for the Solar Panel crowd, but the four original sites will be as shaded as possible.

By checking with various nurseries in the area, we learned that the Coconut Palm was best suited to the salty, sandy, beach front environment where we were locating.  That, in turn, led to naming the park “Coconutz”.

As a fellow Travco RV owner, and world traveler, pointed out to me, he liked the name “Coconutz” but I better get busy planting some palm trees.  Of course, that was in the plan all along, but we had to get the water, sewer and electric in first, then the fill, before we knew where we would be able to plant the palm trees.

During the early days of planning we met the Mayor of Cuyutlán, to see what permits and other issues needed to be addressed, before making the final decision to build.  The Mayor, “Pakiko”, was much in favor of our idea, thinking it would be a good addition to the town, by attracting  more tourists to the area.  It also happens that his “real” job, before becoming Mayor, is that of a Coconut Plantation Owner.  He  said that he would be glad to help us in getting the coconut palms, as he has to thin out his plantation from time to time, plus he had all the connections to the people with the equipment.

When we got back down to Cuyutlán, it once again began to rain.  We must bring the rains with us.  We have been down twice in the past month, and have been visited by Odile, Polo, and Simon this last time.  We missed Rachel.  The day we were to visit the Palm Plantation it was pouring down rain once again.  I was afraid that it would cause our visit to be canceled and delay the project.  Luckily, it did not.  We were taken out there by Pakiko in his Jeep, and were really just there to choose a size range that we wanted.

The palms were to arrive on Monday morning.  The first backhoe only lasted a few minutes before suffering some sort of breakdown.  The first batch of palm trees did arrive late Monday afternoon, but there was not any way to plant them.  They spent the night on the ground, and I did manage to get some water to them.  Tuesday morning another backhoe arrived, and shortly thereafter another load of palm trees.

I will add descriptions on the photos in the gallery below.  The first two pictures will be “Before” and “After” pictures.   Then the “rest of the story will follow” in the captions to the photos.


10 Responses to Palms to Coconutz

  1. Vivien & Mike brow

    Those palms make a huge difference. Good job, BIG job!!!

  2. jaime

    What a great adventure! Thanks for sharing! Here’s an idea…have RV’s on the property to “rent”. I would rent one for a visit!

  3. Marybeth

    The palms really make a difference. Can’t wait to see photos of “the completed project.”

  4. Dan Blackburn

    Lot’s of hard work and planning will soon pay off. Good job by the both of you!

  5. Gourdphile

    Beautifully interesting. Gracias for taking us along to the palm plantation. How do you choose? Simply by size? Were the palms all the same kind? Did you mark the trees you wanted? I’m surprised the root ball isn’t bigger/deeper since palms grow so freakin’ tall. Love finding out how the palms were toted to the beach and the step by step images of the actual planting was delish. Y’all have a fondness for frondness. I remember the palms you had in AR. Heck. I had fronds from your place in my garage for several years! You’re creating a literal and figurative oasis in Coconutz. Those palms look like they’ve been there forever. Do you have to water them each day?

    • George

      Thanks for the nice compliments! To answer your questions; We just chose the size, and let him thin out the ones he wanted in that size range. The palms were all coconut palms. They do well there, and fit in with our vision of a tropical, beach front park. We do plan to add several different varieties as time goes by. Traveler palm, Bismark palm, Manila palm, to make the park gardens more interesting. They do need to be watered daily for the first several weeks. We have a well, pump, and very long hose. We also have a gardener to take care of them daily. You need to come visit!


  6. Jan

    They are perfect! Everything you do turns out to be gorgeous! I’m a little concerned that you may have to be on crocodile watch, or are they only in certain areas?

    • George

      The crocodiles are in the Lagoon. Where the RV Park is located is on the ocean beach. The entire city, small though it is, and then the four lane highway are between our location and the Lagoon. They like it just fine in the Lagoon. The palm plantation was miles to the south where the beach and the lagoon are much closer together.

  7. Jenny Smith

    How wonderful. Wish I could have some, they are so beautiful. Think I would love it there. There are so many plants that I could enjoy. So glad you are doing that for me.

  8. joyce Noriega

    I’m vicariously enjoying your adventures. Do you realize how you are improving the environment and
    laying the groundwork for development of that area? All power to you guys. We are so proud of you.



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