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Coconutz RV Park

Posted by on September 26, 2014

“Build it and they will come.”    Well, we will see about that!

So we have started down the path to an new kind of adventure. We have been disappointed in the lack of RV parks anywhere south of Melaque, and Barra de Navidad along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Those cities are, at the least, a 5 hour drive in the motorhome from Ajijic, where we live. At somewhere around three hours, and almost totally four lane highway, is the quaint and cute little beach village of Cuyutlán. In the 1940’s it was a major beach destination for Guadalajara, as the train ran here daily.

We have found a location for a RV Park, right on the beach, and right in town. Two blocks from restaurants, hotels, and lots of cute little beach front restaurants. They call them “puestos”.

There is no “fine dining” here. This is just a sleepy little beach front village. Very laid back.  If you want a tourist destination, then head towards Puerto Vallarta. If you want to chill out on the beach, enjoy the sound of the surf, and a cold beverage, in a village of very friendly and welcoming people, with no high pressure time share salesmen, and no “barkers” on every corner trying to sell you a fishing trip, boat ride, parasail, etc. then come on down.

The beach here is “black sand” from volcanic rock. The Colima volcano is just a few miles from here.

Cuyutlán is also a major sea salt production area. Originally salt was used by the Spanish in the silver mines to refine the silver.  Today the sea salt is available for a very low price, and is chock full of natural minerals from the sea, and we think that it is very healthy for you.  Be sure to pick up at least one bag while you are here, and I bet you will want to stock up before you leave.



11 Responses to Coconutz RV Park

  1. Rich Petersen

    Hi guys: does this mean you’re developing this site? … For you and others obviously? A new adventure indeed. Congrats.

    Keep us informed of progress.

  2. Lisa Lindell

    How awesome for you guys. Photos please.

  3. Lisa Lindell

    NEVERmind I see photos. Duh

  4. Marguerite Ponder

    Great pix Steve. Really makes me feel like I’m there!! Looks like a great job you’re doing. We would love to come visit sometime when you’re there. Can we find a place to rent online? Well look. Take care. Marguerite and Jack

    • Steve

      Marguerite this is George’s website and Pics. We still do the travel blog.

      Cutyutlan Realty manages rental houses there and will help us with management of the park. Ask for Mac, Juan, Nick or Roger. You can rent by the week or month here’s a link to their site

      And you know Bobby who owns Roberto’s Restaurant in Ajijic has a B & B there called Quinta Cuyutlan.

  5. Joyce Noriega Lawrence

    Hey guys how about planning a big inauguration with folks from Ajijic coming down. We could even bring instruments and do some chamber music! Let’s talk about this when next we meet.

  6. Norman Gomberg

    Congratulations guys. Please keep us posted!

  7. maureen

    so now do i have to find a cheap rv
    to buy ==========

    • George

      Maureen: No, we really do not want cheap RV’s. This is a “boutique” RV Park.
      Seriously, as long as it looks nice, and well cared for.
      Our Travco is 40 years old.

  8. Vivien brown

    Hey Steve and George: Great project. We know Cuitlan well, spend Christmas there with friends who have a house on the beach. You didn’t mention the tortugaria and the wonderful bird watching in the mangrove swamp at the end of the road. All the very best with the project. Hope to see you soon in Ajijic when we return end of October. Cheers, Vivien. (Mike too)

    • George

      Viv & Mike:

      I did not want to play all of my cards at once. I need to save some content for future posts, but thanks for mentioning it. Sounds better coming from some one else, after all.

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