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Sayonara Suzuki. Adios Amigo

Posted by on July 16, 2014

Due to a change in the Mexican Immigration rules, and not to get into too much detail, we had to remove our trusty towed Suzuki Samurai from Mexico before our next visa renewal, which will be next month.

We also had to remove our fairly new Dodge Journey AWD SXT.

Sad to see them both go. The Suzuki had saved us many times by running out for spare parts. We now have a Italika Motorbike, to hopefully fill the role of the Suzuki, however, I doubt that it will ever be able to be as capable, comfortable, and as much fun as the Suzuki.

We took it easy and made it a two day trip to San Antonio, TX.  The first night we stayed in Matehuala, in the state of San Luis Potosi, at Las Palmas Hotel.  We have stayed there before and it is very nice, and has a great restaurant, waiters in red jackets, and black trousers.  Quite formal to be in the absolute middle of nowhere in the high Mexican desert.  They have a lot of RV parking, but I have never seen an RV there.  Behind our room there was a large lot of hook-ups for RV’s.  I will certainly remember this for another trip.

We sold the Dodge Journey at “Car Max” in San Antonio.  A very painless transaction, if you were willing to accept their price.  Not “too” low, but a tad lower than I had hoped for.   I guess I always hope for “more”.

Friends from Arkansas wanted to buy the Suzuki, and they drove down and met us there.  We stayed at a hotel on River Walk, and had a very nice visit with them and another friend from Houston.





3 Responses to Sayonara Suzuki. Adios Amigo

  1. Lisa Lindell

    Is this the little Suzuki we rode around Kew West in? Loved that car

  2. Patrick

    I too am sad to see the “repatriation” of the Suzuki. Hope to see you both on the Italika headed to Walmart like in the Suzuki!!

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