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Boca Beach, near La Manzanilla

Posted by on February 7, 2014

After a long weekend in Cuyutlán, we headed for La Manzanilla to a campground named Boca Beach.  The area was called Boca de Iguana, referring to the mouth of the Iguana River.

We had read and heard many nice things about the area, but as always beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It was a very large campground with around 120 spaces.  Some with  full hook-ups, many with only water and electric. It was a little on the expensive side.

It was located right on the beach in what appeared to be an old coconut palm plantation.    There were only about 15 beachfront sites, and they were all rented, most of them annually by Canadians who spend the winters there every year.  I was told that there was a waiting list to get one of those sites.

The setting was very nice, the beach was beautiful for walking, nice and level and wide.  At the north end of the beach, just north of the campground and the mouth of the Iguana River, the beach ended into a large rock outcropping.  There were many crosses and memorials there for those lost at sea, I assume.  Besides walking along the beach, there was not much else to do there, it was about 5KM from La Manzanilla, which would have been a pretty long walk on the beach for someone not already used to that much sun exposure.

The road leading into the campground from the highway was very narrow, about a mile and a half long, and overgrown with small trees and bushes on both sides.  There was no shoulder, and it was impossible to get over to the right enough for another vehicle coming from the opposite direction without scratching the sides of your motorhome on the overgrown shrubbery.

There was one very nice restaurant associated with a six room boutique hotel on the beach nearby.  I could not tell if it was open to the public, or just for the guests.  Upon inquiring of the owners we were told that it was open to the public, but they wanted to keep it exclusive, so therefore they had no signs on the place indicating that it was a restaurant, or that you might be welcome to enter.  Just word of mouth through community Internet boards.

A little further down the beach were the remains of what appeared to be a grand hotel. We were told that it was to be a time-share, but there was some explosion there.  It is not at all uncommon to see these grand old relics along the beaches, totally abandoned.  Sad.

Two days there was plenty of time to see all there was to see, several times over.  Maybe I just have not yet learned how to just sit somewhere and do nothing for days on end, and enjoy the experience.  We met several of the long time quests, and they were very friendly and welcoming to us.


6 Responses to Boca Beach, near La Manzanilla

  1. Steve

    Chantli Mare was the name of the restaurant where we ate. Chef Greg formerly of Chili Bang and #4 restaurants in Ajijic, Mexico served up a delicious lunch.

  2. Jim Thompson

    Steve, what kind of gas mileage you getting with Motorhome, gas is my biggest expense. Drove a 28′ Motorhome down pulling a 18′ fiberglass boat, and got 9.23 MPG with 454 chev. Motor. Kind of weird I got better MPG with Mexican Gas almost a mile more per gal. Nice looking older rig, looked at a few.

  3. Steve

    On a good day we get 8. On a bad day we get less. We have decided that this is a non-issue and nothing to worry about. We always hoped for more but in Mexico with these hills it ain’t gonna happen.

  4. Vivien brown

    Looks lovely, glad you had a good time. It’s a huge motor home. Can’t imagine driving it on some of the roads down there. V&M

    • George

      Thanks, It is really not that huge, as far as motor homes go. Only 27 feet. Not as big as a city bus here in Ajijic, but then I am not as good a driver as the city bus drivers here.

  5. Steve Caver

    Camping fee was $280.00 pesos per night. About $21.00 US dollars.

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