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From a mile high to sea level

Posted by on February 3, 2014

We left right on schedule Friday morning.  We both had a long talk with the motorhome, and told her that if she did not act right, then she was out of our lives.  Last chance.

It may have worked, because we had a flawless trip from Ajijic to Cuyutlán.  We made it in just a little over four hours, driving at a casual rate of speed.  I was really surprised.  The last trip in a car, pushing the limit the whole way, it took three hours and twenty minutes.  I really enjoyed the more relaxed pace of this trip.

Ajijic is at an elevation of around 5200 feet.  The trip to the coast takes us through two dry salt lake beds, then back up to Cuidad Guzman.

Coming into Cuidad Guzman we passed the “Colima” volcano, which is currently active, and has been for years.

Not long after Cuidad Guzman, the four lane toll road narrows to two lanes for 11 miles of road through a section of the Sierra Madre Mountains, with several bridges over gorges that are in excess of 100 meters above the bottom of the gorge. (100 meters is longer than a football field.)

Being afraid of heights, my peripheral vision was better than I wished for, because I really did not want to see how high we actually were.  Mind boggling to me.

The slight bit of extra play in the steering gear created an extra level of anxiety/excitement to the crossing of those bridges with a line of double semi-trailer trucks, passenger busses, sugar cane trucks, and assorted other oversize vehicles headed our way from the other side.

After Colima, it was literally a “coast to the coast”.  Downhill for miles, leveling out into palm orchards, with cattle grazing under the palms, altogether another eco-system.

Then it was not long until we arrived in Cuyutlán.  We have friends here, that we met on our last trip.  It was good to see them again.

Saturday morning we settled down, parked on a street in the city that dead-ended into the Malecón right in the heart of town.


One Response to From a mile high to sea level

  1. Becky Caver Clemons

    What a wonderful journey!! Love the palm trees and Daddy would have loved seeing the agriculture..:} What color is that sand? It did not look white to me. Ya’ll have a great time. Looking forward to more pictures!! Love you

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