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Sayulita – On the Beach

Posted by on October 24, 2013

On the beach at Sayulita was a different experience.  In front of the Sayulita Trailer Park & Bungalows was a nice and relatively un-populated beach.  We, admittedly, were there a little before “high season” so I do not know how it might be then.

There was a restaurant, beach front, associated in some way with the campground.  The food was good, and the restaurant was right on the beach.  The vendors were few and far between, at least at this time of the year.

There were many nice beach front homes, and hotels/villas just north of us along the beach.  Very nice looking, all of them.  One seemed to have a “personal” turtle egg hatchery on the beach side of their property.  There was also a run down place, that I felt I could buy and fix up, but don’t we all have that little dream?  There was obviously some reason that it was vacant.

Late one afternoon, we were eating at the beachfront restaurant at the campground, and saw someone out in the ocean, way far out there.  We called over the waiter and asked if he thought the person was in trouble. He said no, that he was just on a paddle board.  Probably a friend of  his.

We remained worried, and after dinner walked out on to the beach to watch his progress, ready to sound the alarm, if needed, that he was in trouble.  He was not.  I cannot imagine the stamina it takes to accomplish this feat.  Really, I think we watched him for over one hour, and no telling how long he had been out there, and where he came from.  He finally got close enough to zoom in on and get a video.


The last little bit of his ride:


Pictures from along the beach.

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