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Sayulita – Around the Town

Posted by on October 24, 2013

About an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita began as a small fishing village that hippies, and surfers started coming to years ago.  Now it has become a very touristy destination for many retired gringos, and still populated with many surfer types, and lots of younger folks with strange hair, lots of tattooed men and women. Also packs of women (AKA Cougars), down for a week or so, and after the surfer boys.  Three gals from Canada were sitting near us, and “entertaining” all the cute beach boy musicians, and vendors.

From what I have heard from previous reviews, Sayulita must have cleaned up quite a bit in the past few years, since those reviews were written.  Many paved roads, colorful buildings, lots of restaurants and shops.

The beach front restaurants were absolutely overrun with vendors.  They would just line up single file, and wait their turn to hawk their wares to you.  It got old very fast.  Some would take a “NO” answer and move right along.  Others were much harder to get rid of.  This is part of what  comes along with a more developed and touristy destination.  If you want clean and neat, and colorfully decorated, then this is part of the price you pay for the more upscale locations.

2 Responses to Sayulita – Around the Town

  1. Becky Caver Clemons

    Your blog is as interesting as a good travel book. Cousin John Grisham may be jealous! :} I just love reading about your adventures and I like hearing how nice the people are to a couple of Rednecks from Arkansas–LOL
    Love you both and keep it coming!!!

  2. Becky Caver Clemons

    Love reading your Travel Blog, you know cousin John Grisham just might get jealous–:}–You might title it–“How Redneck Travels”–:} Or 2 Arkansas boys done good!! I smile the whole time I read it and I always reread it just to make sure I got it all…I miss you something awful but this sure helps! Keep it coming brother–Love SIS

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