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La Peñita – On the Beach

Posted by on October 23, 2013

I was out on the beach one morning, and there were three fishermen laying out their nets.  They ran the nets from the beach out into the bay a ways, then turned right to run at the same angle as the shore line, then another right turn to head back to the beach.

Then they proceeded to start pulling in the net from the beach.  It seemed like just about  every passerby would stop and join in with the job of pulling in the net.


I was taking pictures, and Brian, our host, encouraged me to join in.  “If you are going to take pictures, then you need to help”, he said.  By now Steve had come up and he took pictures of me helping out.



Later that day, I was walking along the beach and came upon another set of fishermen returning with their catch of the day.

Then I came upon a cemetery that was very old, and now, due to beach erosion, was much too close to the beach.  There have been some fairly severe hurricanes along the coast in the past few years.  I heard that they were moving the cemetery, but the sight of the old tombs unearthed by erosion was striking.


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