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One mechanic, two mechanic, three mechanic, four

Posted by on October 16, 2013

Just a quick update, regular programming to follow:  . . . . . . . .

We spent all day Tuesday, and half a day Wednesday in mechanic shops.

First mechanic in Guadalajara.  We were the second mechanics, changing the coil and a fuel filter.

Third one on Tuesday, late Tuesday we moved to another, recommended by the first.  Then we spent the night Tuesday parked in front of the fourth mechanic’s shop for the night.

Wednesday he thought that he had found the problem, perhaps a problem, but not the problem. So we came back and he tried to fix other things.

So after  a new coil, a new fuel filter, a new distributor rotor, a new fuel pump, some new spark plug wires, a new carburetor gasket, another new coil, a new ignition module, we finally hit the road.  We made it a whole 20 miles down the road with no problems, other than engine seemed awfully hot, even though the temperature gauge was well within the normal range.  We had some long stop and idle periods because of road construction.

We are now in beautiful and slightly funky Sayulita, and hoping that all is well.


2 Responses to One mechanic, two mechanic, three mechanic, four

  1. Lisa Lindell

    YIKES. Sounds like a nightmare

    • George

      I would much rather be “stuck” at a mechanic’s shop than stranded beside the road somewhere. We had a wonderful lunch of fish and marlin tacos, a couple of cervesas. Then a little nap during siesta. Then a new neighborhood, new neighbors. Safe and sound. We ran the generator much of the night, it needed a run, air conditioning. Coffee in the morning, Steve ran down the street for pastries to have with the coffee. Fresh orange juice. Really not too bad.

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