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The “Little Rig” RV Campground

Posted by on October 14, 2013

This is a wonderful place to spend a few days, or longer.  It is named “Little Rig” because there is a maximum length of 30 feet.  There are only six spaces, each one roughly 30 x 30 feet.  Full hookups, and Wi-Fi.

Brian & Carole were our hosts, and they hail from British Columbia, and spend six months a year down here.  They once had a marina business, so they are used to having and taking care of guests.

When we got here, late Saturday, there were three campsites already taken by trans-continental bicyclists.  They were traveling from Alaska to the tip of South America.

I guess that they would be considered close to the ultimate “Little Rig”.

There were three distinct sets of travelers on bicycles.  One man from Canada,  a couple from France, and a man from Holland.  They had met up on the trip, and all had similar travel  plans, so they joined up for a while.

The French couple have a website:

Sjoerd (from Holland) can be found on Facebook at: Ausjoerd hui

When they were leaving, they mentioned that they were working their way towards Lake Chapala, so we hope to see them again when we get home.  They thought it would take them 4 days to get there.  I have driven the route that they have planned, and I think that may be a little optimistic, but then what do I know.  The road goes from sea level to over 6700 feet, back down through a long valley, then up again, and down to our valley.  Ajijic is at 5200 feet above sea level. You have to admire, or least I do, the fact that they would take on such a challenge, but I think it is much more common than you might think.  I have heard of many others taking up the same challenge, to travel the Pan-American highway.

After they left, we moved to the “el primo” camping spot, closest to the beach.


One Response to The “Little Rig” RV Campground

  1. Vivien brown

    What fun and exasperations you guys are having. Great experiences, looks terrific. Just hope the intermittent problem with the vehicle gets resolved so your travels can be all fun. good reading. Vivien, Mike too

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